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Love TS-13010 Temperature Controller Housing I'm using a Love Controls TS-13010. The nice thing about these is that they do both heating and cooling (although not at the same time). I'm planning on using it with a refrigerator for a fermentation chamber, and with a heat stick to heat up my water.

The housing is made from:
Red Dot 2 gang universal box with 3 outlets
Red Dot single gang duplex outlet cover
Red Dot 2 gang universal box extension
A piece of sheet metal that holds the controller. It's painted with Rustoleum Hammered paint.

I needed to grind some parts of the extension to get the Love controller to fit, as well as to get the controller mounting plate to fit.

It has a switched outlet and an always on outlet. I used that Krylon Fusion paint that's supposed to stick to plastic, but it's already scratching. I probably should have sanded the outlet before I painted it. That may have helped.

I filled the holes in the outlet with foil to prevent paint from getting on the contacts when I sprayed it.

Love TS-13010 Temperature Controller Housing outlets

Love TS-13010 modular probe jack I put an 1/8" stereo jack in the side so that I could easily switch probes, in case I want to leave one permanently in the refrigerator.

I used a 1/8" Stereo In-Line Audio Jackfrom Radio Shack. I removed the plastic cover and ground the threads off of the jack. I then epoxied it into a hole I drilled in one of the plugs that came with the electrical box. This jack is nice because the back end of it is sealed so the whole unit will stay, if not waterproof, splashproof. I only used the tip and ring connections.

I connected a 1/8" Stereo Phone Plug to the probe. I needed to trim a little bit off the end of the strain relief to get the wire on the probe through.


ers811, a member of the BrewBoardposted this nice schematic of how to wire the controller.

Love TS-13010 Temperature Controller Wiring Diagram

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