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Jockey boxes are convenient for when you want to serve beer at an event, and you don't have an easy way to keep the kegs cold. A jockey box chills the beer as it is served.

This is my second jockey box

Behold: Triple jockey box!
Outside of 3 tap cold plate jockey box

The heart of the beast:

It's a six pass cold plate, that I'm currently only using 3 passes. You can see that I have some short jumper hoses that, if it doesn't get cold enough through a single pass, I can run each beer through two passes. You can find some good deals on used cold plates on ebay. The beer passages are stainless steel, surrounded buy a huge chunk of aluminum.

I haven't had to double up the passes. I've started serving the beer when the kegs were cold. The kegs were not put in ice, so they warmed up throughout the day and the beer kept serving cold. I've also started with room temperature kegs, that stayed at room temperature, and this worked fine too. What I haven't done is start with room temperature kegs, and allowed them to sit all day warming up in the hot sun. Maybe under those conditions I'd need to double up the passes.

The beer input lines are fed through holes in the cooler. The hoses fit tightly enough to prevent water from leaking out of the cooler, but still allow you to pull the lines into the cooler when you aren't using it.

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